Cara Membuat Martabak Manis Terbaru dan Enak

Published on January 11 2016

Cara Membuat Martabak Manis Terbaru dan Enak - Of wind waving long black hair. Sound waves in the ear. The sun was on the other end soon disappear. I hold tightly a clam necklace in hand. Teardrop fell on my cheek. Recalled a memory. My mind flew to that time. I sat down on the white sand to enjoy the beautiful sunset there. Someone struck me from behind. He Vern.

Expands his smile makes his eyes narrowed. He was a special person who often accompanied me at a time when sad or happy. He's my true friend. He was always supportive of all my efforts. Although sometimes he behaved like children, but we are complementary. Quite often people thought we were lovers.

I chased Vern had just startled me. I push him to the edge of the beach until the water-wet black socks. No thanks to the water dicipratkannya perlakuanku me. And now we even water wars until we were completely wet. This afternoon the google beach is not too crowded. Maybe because it was not the weekend. My hands began to tremble shiver as well as my legs. Because today also began the night we ended up going home filled with laughter.

Memories are really beautiful. I could not forget Vern. He is also like an angel who always take care of me and was always there for me. Today my body was so fit. I feel like my head spinning. But for the sake of my resolve to become a professional dancer, I force myself to dance to the rhythm of the music. Vern looks install cemberutnya face in the corner. He was always menaniku when practicing.

"Come Mey you can practice tomorrow, do not force yourself," Vern pleaded not ignore me. I continued to follow the music that echoed around the room. The first five minutes I spent with success up to five minutes to two I feel the world is really round. I catch hold of my head feels hot. Until finally I was not able to balance my body and eventually I fell.

Written by utuh amin

Published on #makanan

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